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Friday, November 11, 2005

Codase Beta 1 Released

Today, we released the Beta 1 version of our Codase search engine and service. It now contains about 250 million lines of code in C, C++ and Java. In additon to expand the code base, we have fixed many bugs, and also added several new features. These new features are based on the feedbacks we received during the two month alpha testing period.
  1. Smart query interface. Many users want a simple interface to enter all kinds of queries, and we finally come up an innovative way of doing it. Namely, we provide a simple text box, users can enter some code segments, similar to what they type everyday for their programming work. Our parser then builds an internal query consisting of classes, methods,fields and variables to feed into the search engine. This simple interface provides a very powerful way that can handle the most complex queries. You can read the help file here,

    The following are some sample queries:

    • Find any method that invokes fopen, fread and fclose calls, you can enter this query:
      fopen; fread; fclose;
      click here to see search results.

    • Find any main method that has a local variable named as driver, and invokes the getConnection method of the DriverManager class. you can enter this query:
      main() { var driver; DriverManager.getConnection;}
      Click here to see the search results.

  2. Java API documentation and sample code. We have host the Jave 2 SDK and J2EE API documentations on our site. In addition, we add links on each API to for users to quickly retrieve sample code from our search engine. This might be the best way to learn how to use the hundreds of thousands of JAVA classes and methods. Real sample code and documentation are at your finger tips.
You can read the press release news here,